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Getting Started

There are multiple levels to a TrafficHaus account. We are a full service self serve platform. What does that mean? Not only do we provide the convenience of self serve marketing campaigns, we offer advanced targeting and reporting. We also provide hands on account management and support. We provide exceptional support every step of the way. Prior to creating your campaigns make sure you speak with one of our account managers, your dedicated partner in the purchasing process.

How Do I Purchase Traffic?

How Do I Make a Payment to My Account?

How to Edit My Profile?

Who is My Account Manager?

How Do I Review My Statistics?

What is the Difference Between Biddable and Fixed Campaigns?

Can I Use Iframes/HTML/Affiliate Tags?

Yes, HOWEVER, Iframes are only accepted to our trusted advertisers. Before requesting use of iframes, you are subject to approval and review. Before approval and review, you must meet the following criteria:

TrafficHaus Stats Report Differently From Mine?

TrafficHaus is based in California, our statistical reporting is based on Pacific Standard time. Some of the discrepancies may be from the time discrepancies, other factors include:

Why Was My Campaign Rejected?

What about Google Regulations?

Advertising Guidelines and Restrictions