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What Google's new advertising regulations mean for your business

As of January 23, 2018, Google has been enforcing new Abusive Experiences restrictions for all advertisers. They are focused on two key traits: auto-directing and misleading ad experiences.

The following ad practices are now prohibited:

  • Auto-redirecting the page without user action
  • Misleading ads that trick the user into interacting with them, such as:
    • Resembling system or site warnings or error messages
    • Simulating messages, dialogue boxes, or request notifications
    • Displaying features that do not actually work
    • Presenting a "close" button that performs any other action than closing the element
    • Taking user to a landing page or any other content when they click outside of user-visible element border

If you'd like to see our owner and CEO's personal feelings on the subject, read this months Forbes Article:

Google Is Making Chrome A Fierce Player In The Fight Against Annoying Ads

Our CEO, Mark Bauman tackles the hot topic of Chrome's new moves to suppress advertising and users choices.

How will this affect your business?

These new conditions restrict any ad element that mislead or trick the user into interaction. If your business uses any advertisements that utilize fake functionality or misleading elements, they will be considered in violation of Google's new policy.

Please be advised that we will be taking down any ads that do not conform to these standards.

Are your ads in line with the new standards?

If you have any questions regarding these new restrictions, feel free to contact your account manager to determine if your ads are in compliance. This will ensure a smooth transition as the Abusive Experiences rules take effect.

Mobile Banner and Pop under Advertising Rules

Due to the Chrome Abusive Ads policies, the following banner and pop under ad styles will no longer be approved by Traffichaus:

All advertisers running banner or pop under through bidding or fixed campaigns must follow the new rules and be compliant by February 12th. As of February 14th any creatives that do not follow these rules will result in the campaign(s) being paused and the creative(s) disabled.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

Please see below the ad styles that will no longer be approved in our system:

  1. Fake Dating/Messages/Notifications

    Ads that resemble message notifications, requests for chat or indicating online calls will no longer be approved.

    Solution: Use ad styles that indicate this is a product related banner or pop under so it does not mislead the audience.

  2. Fake Close Buttons

    Ads that have a fake close button icon indicating it can be closed will no longer be approved.

    Solution: Use ads that do not have any X icons in them nor indicate a false action that it can be closed.

  3. Fake Interactive Ads

    Ads that indicate a clicking or tapping action will start a game that can be interacted with within the advertisement will no longer be approved.

    Solution: If the CLICK, PLAY or TAP button is not animated but is static and not moving, blinking then it will be approved.

  4. Fake Play Buttons

    Ads that have a play button within the ad and resemble a playable video will no longer be approved.

    Solution: If the play button icon is not placed in the middle of the banner and does not resemble the buttons of an actual playable video then it will be approved.

  5. Fake Site Elements (Pop unders)

    Ads that indicate an action which is fake and is only there to make the audience click on it. Example: fake mute or volume button. These type of ads will no longer be approved.

    Solution: Do not use pop under landers which have any type of fake elements that mislead the audience.